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Team News - 2019-07-16

【Once a Blue , Forever Blue - Thank You Jaimes】

【Once a Blue , Forever Blue - Thank You Jaimes】

東方龍獅前鋒麥基(Jaimes Mckee)今日透過球會社交平台正式宣佈「掛靴」,本會衷心感謝麥基由加盟以來的付出!

麥基藉此都想向一眾球迷致謝:「經過差唔多十年嘅職業足球生涯,我今日決定『掛靴』喇!我好多謝曾經有份合作嘅隊友教練以及所有職員。 讓我擁有過好多美好回憶!同時感謝所有一直支持我同球會嘅粉絲。 我祝願東方龍獅喺來季中一切順利~加油!」

Eastern Long Lions Football Team striker Jaimes Mckee had decided to retire, Thanks for the memories, Jaimes!  All the best in your retirement 

“After more than a decade of playing football in Hong Kong, I’ve decided to retire. I want to thank my team mates, coaches and everyone involved at the club. I have a lot of great memories! Thank you also to all the fans who always support us no matter the result. I wish the team all the best for the future. Ga Yau !”  —— Jaimes Mckee

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